Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Tossing Paper Piles - my baby steps

According to me, paper piles are the most difficult mess to tackle. The speed at which papers keep piling up... here and there... every possible corner of my room, closet, drawers, bags.... it's just impossible to keep up the pace and file them or toss them out.

So, as a new rule, I try to confront the paper clutter and toss out as many papers I can whenever I see a pile. I just pick up the obvious papers that can be tossed out right away.  Here's the first set of paper clutter which I managed to toss out:

I made a small list of my achievement:
  1. A really old greeting card
  2. Lyrics of the song - Something Stupid
  3. A printout of some fonts
  4. My examination hall tickets and their duplicates of 5 years. (Two of them were from the time I was in school!)
  5. User Manual of an old TV which we no longer own
So when are you tackling your paper piles?

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