About Me

You wake up one day and it dawns upon you – things are messy! I am a highly lazy and unorganized; which explains why things in my life are messy or border line messy. My dream is not to turn into an organizing diva overnight… but I need to start somewhere. 

So, this is it.... its time for me to make changes and like all other organizing divas, I am also going to record my progress! Clearing the mess will not happen overnight and this blog will be like therapy in progress! So enjoy reading and hopefully some of you will find a little inspiration along the way! 

Thanks again to all of you for stopping by to cheer me on along the way.  You all are what keeps me going that little extra bit further each day, and keeps me coming back to blog and blog some more!

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  1. Hello Hemal,
    This is Aditi Gupta contacting you on behalf of Tales of change.
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