Thursday, 7 June 2012

Cleaning the Playlist

My preference in music really depends on my mood and also on my current life scenario. My ups and the downs! I enjoy my music more, when I hear a song and every single word perfectly describes my situation. Sometimes music just says words that I am too afraid to admit.

The flip side to having this kind of taste is that after a while, when I have moved on in life, some of these songs don’t appeal to me anymore. At times, I relate them to some bad experiences or people or memories which I never want to visit again. So whenever such a songs plays on my itunes, I just skip it. So on an average, the ratio of songs I hear to the songs I skip on my itunes would be 1: 15 or 1:20. On second thoughts, I don’t even listen to 5% songs on my Ipod. I would rather listen to the radio and let the radio jockey decide which song I should listen to.

Now there is nothing wrong about having a good music collection. It’s just that I don’t want to be a music hoarder. I live in a house, which hosts a music collection of 3 generations in the form of records, cassettes, audio CDs and a lot of digital music on a desktop. The amazing part is that we don’t have a record player, or a music player which can play cassettes or CDs. The only place where music can be heard is through the computer or television! So basically, I have shelves and drawers full of music in forms which are not longer practical! Plus I have 5 GB of music on my laptop and some 15 GB on my desktop.

So I decided, today’s task is to clean up my music library on my laptop atleast. Digital decluterring!

It took me about 2 hours and listening to bits and pieces of hundreds of songs, I finally had a music collection which I would enjoy listening to. I managed to delete 235 songs and my music folder is now lighter by atleast 1 GB! Yay to me! It’s a time consuming boring process, but trust me, having space for new music is a much better feeling!

Declutter your itunes - my updated playlist! 

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  1. I do the same! i got a million songs but I'd rather listen to the ones that come on the radio!

    Nice blog. Check out mine if you have the time (: