Sunday, 10 June 2012

Dumping Business Cards

I was cleaning an old office hand bag of mine and every zip in that purse had business cards. It was a big collection! My question is - What do you do with this big pile of business cards? If the business contact is important, I already have their contact information in my email or my smart phone or on Linkedin. Moreover, if an opportunity lies for me in those cards, I am not going to grab it if the cards are not sorted.

So to begin with, I decided to weed out the ones which I am positive I don't need anymore. 

So, if the card fit in any one of the following category, I threw it out:

  1. The person had changed jobs, companies, cities or numbers
  2. The person had shared more than 1 business card with me by mistake
  3. A business card I accepted out of courtesy and I am sure I am never to do any business with them
  4. The company on the business card has shut down
  5. The card belonged to a beauty salon where I had a horrible experience (I found 2 such cards!)
So there I was with a bunch of visiting cards finding their way to my dust bin! 

Feels so good throwing out even the smallest of things that create mess. Trust me, my hand bag feels so much lighter now!

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