Monday, 11 June 2012

Getting Rid Of Old Food Magazines

Glamorous food shots on magazine covers can be deceptive. Very deceptive! 

I can't even remember the number of times I have saved up some random magazine just for the recipes featured in it.  I have had so many magazines lying around the house, hidden deep in chest of drawers... here and there... waiting to see the kitchen light! 

Unfortunately, most of us never cook any of these recipes. We just hoard recipes. Even when we hoard recipes, we are not diligent enough to cut the recipe and save it in a folder or a box. We keep the entire magazine! 

On second thoughts, Pinterest is the most delicious way for everyone to store their favorite recipes. In these digital times, why cut recipes when you can just pin them online?

So here I was with a few magazines I found lying around since 2010. Now, I don't wish to hold on to 40 pages of random advertorials for 2 pages of genuine recipes! So, I cut the recipes I think I really would tryout some day and for the rest of the magazine.... well it goes to the recycling centre!

Now, I still have some recipe cut outs.... 
Well... those are still a work in progress... will keep you posted on their developments too.

Till then, please share what's your system to keep food magazines from piling up? Do you transfer recipes to a file/binder or do you have an online collection on Pinterest?

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