Friday, 6 July 2012

Arts and Crafts supplies

I was browsing through some craft blogs while lamenting to my mom about how hopeless I am at arts and crafts.I recalled, how as a child I used to struggle to get my origami correct in the craft class. 

Some people are just so crafty... I guess I am just too messy to be good at it.

Nevertheless, my mother brought out this Artist's case I have been holding on to since I was in school. It was a present from someone and I used it for a while but never to its full potential. So, for the past few years it was just gathering dust in some closet or the other. 

When I opened the case today, it wasn't a pretty sight. Half of the sketch-pens had dried up, the water colors were still brand new and the wax crayons had turned stinky. 

Now, for the sake of considering my mother's opinion on this Artist's case, I asked her if she wanted to hold on to this until she can pass it on to her future probable grandchildren. She crossed checked with her in  wasn't keen on holding on to this Artist's case for her future probably grandchildren

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